Make date picker as an option so we can type dates instead

We use the date column a lot. For example, at HR we need to put in the birthday. It’s much faster to type in the date then selecting it via the date picker. Users are now always obliged to use the date picker which in this case is unhandy. You can imagine if you need to fill multiple date records like 02-04-1969 this is much slower via date picker. So it would be nice that in addition or as a replacement users could key entry a date.

Hi Phills! You can vote here :slight_smile:

Hey all!

As we pull together all the votes associated with this topic, we would love if you can redirect the votes on this thread, to the primary thread (most voted thread) here - Enter date versus scrolling to find date on date picker - as we plan to close this smaller thread in an attempt to consolidate all votes, and better prioritise this feature request based upon the total amount of votes :pray:

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Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions. Great minds think alike – our development team is already working on the capability to manually enter the date on the date picker.

Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing the features that our customers care about the most. So keep the ideas coming because your feedback impacts tens of thousands customers who will enjoy entering dates on the date picker because of you.