Make Map a Dashboard

Could really use the ability to see multiple tables on a single map but there’s no way to automate joining tables. The most useful would be if there is a way to join tables automatically. But aside from that having Map as a dashboard so can load multiple tables into it would be very useful for us CRM people. I have 2 Tables currently and will likely have 3 before long: Prospective Deals and Wholesale Distributors. Would be very convenient if I could just see both in one map color coded so when a new deal comes in I can just pop open the map and see who the closest wholesaler is to refer them to.

Agreed! We do installation and service work and we have a board with all of our service work in each country where we operate, and we have a board with technician addresses in each country where we operate. We would love to be able to overlay maps to plan which technician will service each job, and what route they should travel.

It would also be nice to show an area that a tech is willing to travel. Maybe this could be possible by using a ring covering the number of miles from their home, or by using 3-4 locations to create a box showing their area of travel.