Make tasks time management like in motion

motion is wonderful to handle tasks using AI.
Should be the same in monday
How ?

Complete everything. Motion builds a schedule for you.

Stop prioritizing. Motion automatically prioritizes work.

No replanning. Motion reschedules undone work.

Finish early. Motion ensures you meet deadlines.

Forget nothing. Motion tracks all your priorities.

Meet less. Motion limits meetings.

Focus. Motion guards time for uninterrupted work.

One tool. Everything in 1 place.

Relax. Motion’s got your back.

Enjoy life. Motion protects your weekends.

Really will be stunning in Monday , a real revolution that nobody else have


Sounds interesting Idir. Can you share a link?

Of course

@idirhakim Is there a way to do this yet? I just discovered Motion but would like to do the same in if possible.