Make the "Custom" Board Terminology data case sensitive

OK. This might sound like I’m just being picky now but bear with me. In another post I suggested a customizable label for the item name column (would help with several gripes).
In another post I suggested that the Add Item box to be made movable or just moved to the top of a group so it would be constantly visible and immediately accessible.

I just discovered the ability to set custom terminology for a board which changes “Add Item” to “Add Whatever”. This is a nice detail but there are a couple of UIUX issues with how it is implemented:

First, it could help “self document” what needs to be entered in the name field. For example, setting custom terminology to ‘Employee as: Firstname Lastname’ would coach the user to enter “Bob Smith” instead of “bob smith” or “Bob T Smith”. This potential real benefit however is broken because the field overrides case and forces a capital for the first letter and then makes the rest lower case. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Second, it’s impact is reduced if the Add Item field is hiding at the bottom of hundreds of existing tasks. I know the terminology information is shown when the New Item button is clicked but in my experience most users stop “seeing” that sort of information. If it’s always on the screen, front and center, it seems to take hold better.

So, please make “Custom” Board Terminology case sensitive and take the rest of this as further support the case for the other two requests.