Make the Formula value available in API and integration (like Make)

If the formula value was available via API or integration that would be easier. Or create an automation that can easily put the result of a formula in a regular number column.
When I created a summary colum of my subitems on my item line, Monday created a formula column to make the sum, but I cannot use this variable with Make, automation or any API…

Hi @frossini

The outcome of the formula column is calculated at client side (your browser) and with this implementation it is not possible to access the outcome anywhere (automations, integrations, Make, etc).

For this specific issue (show summary of subitems in parent) there is an alternative approach with the app Rollup Subitems. This app does summarize subitem columns to the parent item and put the outcome in a normal column that can be used elsewhere. It also supports filtering in case you only want to summarize a subset of the subitems.

Hi, Thank you for your answer. I understand for the API.

It would be great if what the app does (for a price) could be done in Monday natively. Or at least add the possibility to transfer the data from a formula column to another regular one so we can use it in automations without the need of another app.

Hello @frossini,

Thank you for that feedback!

I will make sure to add your vote for this request :grin: