Make the selected row more obvious or show columns in sidebar

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We have long lists of Todo items on a single board (broken up into groups). Each Todo item columns include important content on what is to be done and by whom.

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When clicking a link the board opens up, the item is selected and the sidebar opens. However the sidebar only contains the conversation, none of the column data. It is very hard to find the related item in the list of 200 or so rows.

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It frustrates team members that they cannot find the related information and are less likely to engage.

hi @sjregan

There is a new feature which shows the item data (editable) next to the update. I remeber I had to ask support to enable this for my account. See below.

This was discussed in this thread a while back that you were also involved in.

As put by Ben from, this “Card View” is usable but no longer supported. If you look through the thread you can see that I, along with others, voiced our frustration with this decision and Ben said he would let the development team know. I have not heard anything since. I’m still really disappointed by this decision, and it is unfortunate that the only recommendation we can provide to @sjregan is the use of an unsupported feature.

Thanks for the response, being able to enable the card view would ideal!

Hi @JordanD are you sure we are talking about the same thing here? It is worth checking with support as they enabled it for me without any further questions. The item card view is new, more info at The Item Card – Support

It is not exactly the same as the screenshot I shared because that is showing the “unofficial” version I guess. What I read is that the item card view is doing more or less the same. Show item information in a card view.

Thank you again, I was able to add the Item Card view myself, incredibly useful.

When I create a “date” column with a first deadline, I enter the dates manually, I would like the dates to be automatically created in the column of the second column based on a time of 10 days, for example. How can I create this automation?

You can do that with a formula, but remember you can’t do anything with the outcome of the formula other than just read it from your screen. If you want to use the outcome of the second column in another automation you have to build something in Integromat or use the General Castor app.

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Thank you for your reply!
In the platform there isn’t the the General Castor app, how can I do?

You can find it in the marketplace. Go to avatar>marketplace and search for General Castor

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Ok, Thanks I resolved half problem, but how can I put the result in the column “date” from “formula column”?


Not sure I fully get you. Do you use General Castor to add amount of dates to a date column?

Yes, I use General Castor to put the due date (calcolate with formula) in an other column