Making a Board Template

It seems strange that I need to change the permission on a board to to allow all users to edit everything in order to save the board as a template, when I’m the owner of the board.

@dmenaker What’s your use case?

Do you need that board to be a template to be shared? Or do you need that permission to be part of the template?

I want to use the board as a template. I just think it’s weird that I need to allow all users edit access when I, the board owner, want to make a template. I don’t want to give all users edit access to the board, ever, if I can avoid it.

I have the exact same question. Why can’t we turn a private board into a template?

Hey everyone! This setting is enabled due to the fact that templates can be seen by everyone in the account - what we recommend, is to keep your template board blank (meaning just the structure and/or items) and then every time you create a board from the template create it as a private board.

Does this work for you?

Hi We have the same issue with the setting and acutely this problem on other items. Employees don’t need to have access to change templates but they need to have the options to use them.

In general it doesn’t make sense that most items need to be shared to people to work together.

Just as Fyi… Many of your clients are not startup companies that’s most employees working together as one team.

In construction for example there is private information and not team members separate

Hi @MaorG, got it! This is good feedback—would you be able to submit it as a feature request?

I’m also wondering if duplicating private boards (instead of templating them) would be a good workaround for you in the meantime. Then the permissions will stick along with the board structure, and, if you like, the board content.