Making a custom board template

Is it possible to make a custom board template? I know we can make board views, but I wanted to make a custom board template that would be generated on a button click or integration. This board ideally would only have the one custom view and no main table. Not sure what the best approach here is.

Hey @driftgod99 - this should be possible using workspace templates.

Although it’s not possible to bypass the main view - you can use this to generate custom boards by adding it as a template to the account.


Hello @dsilva

Won’t that make a workplace template and not a board template? I would ideally like to be able to create a new shareable custom board or view on a button click.

Hey @driftgod99,

Workspace allows you to select and add only one board, if you do not put any other board in the workspace on the monday Account where you are building the App.

Be carreful however to avoid using permissions on any column, as these columns might not be copied on the client/customer accounts.

@dsilva thinking about it it might be a bug or needed improvment.
As board owner should have access to these columns there is no reason to not copy them (without the users from the original board).


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