Making Favorites tab more accessible

It would be much easier to access my Favorites link so I can see my favorite boards if it was at the top-left of my workspace always, like between the “Workspace” title and the workspace dropdown menu. Right now, I have to click twice to even get to my Favorites board, which takes extra time and is annoying. So, I have to click into the Workspace dropdown menu, then click on the Favorites tab. The whole point of the Favorites option is to save time, so putting it somewhere that only takes one click makes more sense. See my suggested place in the screen shot. Thanks!monday pic

Maybe there could be a keystroke combination that would automatically bring up the favourites?

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Great idea! Even better.

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The favorites tab needs to be more accessible. A recent notification indicated that you are removing the ability to activate the old workspace navigation through monday.labs. This feature was critical to quickly access the favorites list with a single click.

A suggestion would be to add the favorites icon to the left panel above the Notifications icon or under the My Work icon. A keyboard shortcut would also be beneficial as b12x12 suggested.

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Hi @dmckearan - I think you will be very happy soon. Favorites is going to move to be easier to find. I’ve seen the new layout but I’m not sure when it’s going to be released. Stay tuned!

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