Manage and Balance your Team with Relational Analytics

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If you are asking yourself, how can you better manage your team and take it to the next level? We show you an innovative way. We are developing an app that will help you understand how your team interact, collaborate and communicate. “Nodeit” uses relational analytics to built a dynamic graphic that shows all the connections created by share tasks in your team.


You can check our webside to find some action plans and recommendations according to your team relationships structure. These actions will boost innovation and efficiency in your company. In addition, you can find out, who is your key player or how vulnerable your organization is according on how much depend on a few team members.

Therefore, this app will help you balance your team to make it more robust and flexible.

Do you like it? You can sign up for our wishlist to be among the first to know when we have our first release. Likewise, we will be very grateful for the feedback you can give us.