Managing documents & assigning tasks at milestones

Hi all

I have a library of roughly 150 existing company documents, as well as 20+ documents either at prototype or to be created stage. Each document undergoes periodic review at a minimum every 5 years.

Once under review, the actual workflow (not the workflow) for managing these documents involves 10 stages, each stage has a timeframe for completion and invariably involves different people.

What i’m attempting to do is use to host these documents and manage them. I’ve created entries for each document, and various columns to provide their data (though majority use the ‘status’ or ‘label’ column which means my table looks like a technicolour dreamcoat).

I’m struggling to find a way to get a timeline to work, thats automated against each stage of the workflow to provide both reminders that a deadline is approaching but also to notify what the next stage is.

On another note, I also struggle with the fact that you can’t resize the columns sensibly and retain the titles (for example by resizing text or having the title roow be double height).

Any and all suggestions welcome!

Hey David,

How are you tracking the stages of the document, via groups or with a specific column (i.e. status column)? Transparently, automating the timeline column comes with limitations within the platform, so I’d love to better understand your set up to help with a workaround or effective way forward :pray:

Hi Bianca

Currently with a status column. Any documents which are ‘current’ and so outside this flow of revision are moved to another group.

I would welcome any suggestions you have or if there’s a possibility of a chat specific to what i’m trying to achieve?