Managing Villa Service Reservations

I am trying to use Monday CRM to build a booking management tool for our Villa Services.

On our Bookings board I have set up our availability for bookings with all the relevant information that we would need for each booking and then using Groups as our teams (3). Each Team has 20 weeks availability, each week is set to specified dates.

On another board I have set up our Enquiries Board, once the enquiries become bookings or do not book, I have automated them to go into groups for the relevant Group, Booked/Not Booked within our Enquiries Board.

I have also connected our Bookings Board to our Enquiries Board so that the information is automatically updated for each team on the Bookings Board whilst going through the booking process. This allows us to see what weeks are available or already are in a process.

The problem is if the enquiry doesnt book it still updates our Bookings Board and any new enquiries either add or overwrite the old enquiry as they are connnected. It also means I have to go into our Bookings board to delete the information so it isn’t mistakenly seen as in a process.

I have tried searching for similar cases and tried to work this out myself but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.