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We have asked early 2021 whether an enhancement can be implemented to make ALL columns mandatory, to ensure that users complete all fields and that our boards do not have any gaps on any item.
We do not want to make use of the workaround using Forms and we need this feature on other columns as well, not just for text columns. When will this enhancement be implemented? Calling in someone who might be able to answer your question regarding IF/when a feature like this would exist.

But I’m not sure its on the roadmap since; (1) like you said its achievable through the Form View, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a workaround either since the Form is designed for adding items to a monday board and the “Required” option is standard. (2) there is currently an app that might fill any gaps for now

Items are created in multiple ways, “New Item” button, +Add field, Forms, Import etc. and all require the name added first. The Form view / Import are the only ones that actually inputs column data other the item name, so I’m not sure how exactly “mandatory columns” would function after an item is created. Do you want them to be red(colored) if empty, or the user notified they are empty and need to be completed? To ask for the items be entered in the normal fashion(+Add field or New Item button) and then require other mandatory fields is asking for a complete rework of basic monday item creation.

Can you provide more information on your use case and how you imagine it would work/look? Maybe I’m misinterpreting your request or there is another way to accomplish this.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your email.

We currently have 31 columns on a project board where the columns feed multiple reports that we have developed with Syscor. One report that we are also currently building with developers will also depend on the information of certain number columns.

From previous sessions held with Syscor, it was my understanding that Forms cannot accommodate all our requirement, hence we need mandatory fields within a column on our current project board.

For example below, we have epics and story types, just to show you 2 of our columns, if these fields are not completed within a sprint, our reports are not complete?

This is a basic functionality to ensure that the users complete all fields for reporting purposes.



Aha yes I see why the Form View wouldn’t immediately work for your needs, as some of the columns in your screenshot, People, Tag & Timeline are not supported. What you’re really asking from the perspective of Feature Feedback/Request, is more supported columns in Forms as that would be easiest way to achieve mandatory fields.

But for some columns, there is a simple work around to get them working in the Form. If you’re open to it, I would love to assist and see if the Form View can work for your needs. So far I see the following columns that don’t work in forms: People, Timeline and Tag.

Can you list all your other column types(no need for specifics) on your board? Hover over the column title and click the drop down arrow, the first field should say what kind of column it is. With that information I can provide you with detailed info on how to adjust your board for the Form View to work.

Hi Andrew,

Not to be funny, but I am certain it will be much easier to develop an enhancement to make a column a mandatory field, than to give you all the columns and try and find a workaround for each column.

Surely we need to work smarter and not harder and the solution to all our problems will be ONE enhancement to make columns mandatory?

I am not going to work on any other workaround. How can I get this enhancement prioritised?

I have been trying a few months now and are really frustrated at this point in time, as everybody recommends workarounds and at the end the workarounds does not work.




I understand @vdwest03, workarounds aren’t always the ideal solution, I was just trying to offer something temporarily in the case that this was an urgently required solution.

I love to work smarter but if you step back and look at this specific situation, we’re just 2 customers in an ecosystem of +150,000. I would imagine at least half of mondays customers, probably more, are also asking for new/“missing” features, all for a popular software in live development with millions of moving parts. I think we need to taper our expectations to what’s realistic. I would argue its smarter in this case to utilize a workaround where possible, especially if the alternative is waiting around for a large corporation to implement a feature that isn’t critical to the function of most subscribers.

No software is going to be perfect or all encompassing and workarounds will always exist, unless you are spending tens to hundreds of thousands per year and have dedicated development. With that being said, lets dial in on the feature request and how it can be improved.

Original Request
Mandatory Fields - This by itself is not specific enough nor realistic as its essentially asking for multiple new features/reworks to existing structures to be implemented. The most efficient request would be the inclusion of more column types into the Form View. The Form View already has a “Required” option in terms of item creation and the framework already exist for adding them so that would be the quickest and simplest in terms of Feature Request via this community. I would suggest searching this Community first to make sure it hasn’t already been requested, or there is already a popular Form View Feedback post with more votes and constructive activity where I was actually speaking directly with some of the monday team on new Form features. If you check out that post, you will see we actually made some headway and new feature were added recently to Forms! If you do post in there, If I may suggest make sure to provide detailed Uses Case info and the specific columns you need to work in the Form View.

Not sure if you saw in my first reply but there is also this app which lets you control Workflow steps and has required columns.

The monday Marketplace is intended for this exact purpose, to allow developers to fill the gaps on features or niche request. Also some apps on there have eventually become full features.

Other than that I would reach back out to Syscor regarding either customer API development or if they have better way to request features from monday directly.

Hope this helps!

Hey @andrewalmand, thanks for looping me in!

@vdwest03—like @andrewalmand mentioned, forms would be the obvious solution, despite their limitations. We are looking into form enhancements such as supporting the people column.

Another solution could be using the formula column. You could have a formula that would give a certain output only if all columns are filled out. e.g. “if all columns are filled out, output ‘TRUE’”. Then you could filter by formula columns that had the value “TRUE” to see all of the completed items. Would that help?

In full transparency, making fields/columns mandatory is not on our roadmap at this time, but I can see how useful it would be for you here.

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Thanks for your insight Talia! Really appreciate the roadmap transparency!

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