Manipulating the URL

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way of apps to manipulate the URL. For example, my app would have different screens: a dashboard screen, an edit item screen, etc.

I couldn’t find an option to manipulate the URL though. Would be nice if apps could add hash values to the URL, for example:

From my app view I have this URL:

Then my app could add hashes to it like this:

This way, I can have specific URLs for each location of my app.

Thank you.

Hi there @v-appgami :wave:

That sounds like an awesome idea for sure, and I could definitely see other development teams being able to benefit from having a clear URL structure for their apps. I’ve gone ahead and made sure our developers see this suggestion, and although I can’t promise this will be part of the framework tomorrow, I do hope it will be within the scope of our functionality in the future.

I really appreciate you helping us improve. :slight_smile:


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