Manually choose color-coding for boards displayed in Dashboard calendar view

My team is in need of the ability to manually select the color that a board displays as in the Dashboard. To minimize visual distraction, we combined all of our work efforts into one master board, but the color that is auto-assigned (even when I duplicate my board and delete the other one in an effort to change the colors, per the direction of support when I emailed) is almost always a very bright pink/red/purple and is difficult to see/read text on across our users screens, when screensharing via Zoom/Skype, or when projecting in large meetings.

It’d be very helpful to be able to change the settings and select what color each Board that is displaying in the Dashboard (specifically the Calendar View) is, to increase the legibility.

Yes, same need here! Please allow users to set the color of each board to enable much more visually efficient timeline and calendar widget. The randomly assigned colors are mostly dark and not easily discernible from project to project (shades of purple/blue and olive green/gray seem to dominate).