MAP Quest Type feature or app to get miles

We track mile from our warehouses across the country to job sites. If there was an app that could calculate the miles for us and store the milage it would be a good feature. We then could calculate a delivery charge.

I’ve also been looking for this functionality. Right now we run a google maps search for each route and hard key the distance for the shortest route into a numbers column. Not impossible but just boring busy work that we would like to automate.



We do the same in my business. We have this process off in a spreadsheet. We try to automate all our processes into . This would be the next step for us.


Are you familiar with Integromat? If not, its a 3rd party integration tool where you can connect other apps to Monday and create your own custom integrations.

I haven’t actually used Google Maps in Integromat yet, but looking at this module:

I’m imagining you can set up a scenario in Integromat to pick up an address from Monday, run it against your origin and have it output the mileage to a column on your board.

Let me know if you need help setting up Integromat.

Hi @andrewalmand we use Zapier. Is that similar/same?


Correct Zapier and Integromat are the same type of software. I don’t use Zapier though so I can’t speak to the integrations it offers. I would start there and see what kind of map applications you can connect.

@andrewalmand thank you!

@PolishedGeek is this something you’d be able to sort out for us?

Thank you!