Mass download files using an App

Is there a way to mass download files using an app? I’m working with a team of designers that wants all the images downloaded and organized by folders according to what row the images belong to. I wrote a command-line script that does this, but the designers are very non-technical, and they would prefer not to have to work in the command-line even though they would just have to run one command. Is there a way to do this with the App?

Hi @ebenshap4

Yes, that should be possible. The file upload can be done with API calls both for the file column as for Info Boxes. The challenge will be the user interface as your designers are not very technical as I understand.

I solved this long before mondays apps were release by doing file upload from my Wordpress website. This is a combination of Wordpress, php and a WordPress plugin called WPForms. Happy to show you and guide you through it if you are interested. Just drop me a PM.

Thanks @basdebruin, it makes sense to use the wordpress server to host the app. But I was wondering if it’s even possible to do this without having to host any extra servers with all of the code within Monday. I know this is a bit of a stretch but is it possible to use the Google Drive token from the Monday integration within the App Dashboard Widget Feature to run some code to save files to Google drive?

Hi @ebenshap4, not sure you can achieve this without any other host (outside monday) involved. I am 100% sure that if you do this with an integration feature you still need a backend to perform the actual action (uploading the files). I don’t have experience with board views yet but understanding the monday app structure it would surprise me if you can do this all within monday. Let me cc in @rob as he might have that experience.

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