Mass update on templates


We use [JOB FOLDERS] with 4 [TEMPLATES] in each folder as so:

image337×664 27.5 KB

We are constantly changing automation’s, layouts, etc. to continue to advance our boards and business. These job folders are our MAIN access point for all jobs.

This makes it confusing for our guys in the field because some boards are different than others and work in different ways and most importantly I am needing to go into every single job folder to apply these changes. Currently we have well over 50 job folders.

Solution: Two check-boxes in the template

  • Update board changes to all (boards created from this template)
    (column moves, permissions, name changes, status options, etc.)

  • Update automation changed to all (boards created from this template)

YES! This would be amazing!

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I need this too.
Same use case. We have created a template and with time we received feedback and appended changes to it. This template is widely used and currently, we need to redeploy it and move all of the items from the boards that are based on the previous version to the new one.
Being able to apply changes in the template to it’s child boards will be a great enhancement.

This is essential. A change to a template should change all boards created from that template. This will help reduce overhead and maintain consistency in reporting.