Maternity Leave Coverage

Hi! Has everyone used for their maternity leave or time-off of work to manage their coverage. If so, I would love to see how you set up your board to best help your team while out on leave.

Thank you!

Hey Abbie! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming arrival of your new family member! :partying_face: :baby_bottle: :person_feeding_baby: That is so exciting! :heart_eyes:

While I don’t have any personal experience or board to offer up, I would be happy to help offer some ideas! :blush:

Are you looking to manage how people are covering your tasks/hours? Or are you looking for a way for people to know you’re OOO and not assign work to you?

For the former, I would suggest using the Workload View or Widget to see how your tasks/hours/projects/clients/whatever can be distributed among your team.

For the latter, I’d make use of the working status feature.

Let me know if this is not quite what you were looking for! Would love to help you get this figured out! :blush:

Hi Abbie!

I matter of fact have that set up for our team currently and can show you our version then help you build something that might work for your team!

Let me know when is a good time via this email!

Looking forward to hearing form you!

Mike B
Automation Architect