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Hi Eric,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback/ideas on the new integrations. We are currently in the process of building a new integration with MS Teams! The first version of the integration, won’t allow connecting MS Teams calls and video with but will integrate and MS teams’ communication platform.

We’ll definitely add integrating video and calls on our roadmap for this integration in the future!





Hi Elina!

Is there any speculation on when this first integration with MS Teams will be rolled out? Also what level of functionality will be carried over to the MS Team integration. We have evaluated several pm tools that integrate with MS Teams but the degree to which they integrate is hit and miss.

Thank you for your time!

  • David (currently evaluating monday)


Though we are unable to tell when this will be rolled out, it seems that the integration with MS Teams is being analyzed in the current iteration.

As it is still being analyzed we are unsure exactly the level of functionality this may have but check-in in a few more weeks and maybe we’ll have additional insight :slight_smile:

i use zoom and teams. Love teams better because it is faster to open a video call. I would like to be in the loop of this topic. tnx!

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I was hoping for a tighter integration similar to what was just announced with Slack and Zoom. Until then, we aren’t really using the integration since it’s really just a notification, and since we usually already have open, email open, and the app installed, we’re set on notifications and do not need another one in Teams.

Looking forward for the day Teams gets the same love as Slack and Zoom. Starting to question moving to Google and Slack instead of waiting.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for reaching out! We are in the final stage of building a deeper integration with MS Teams that will allow you to work on boards within MS Teams, search for relevant items/boards, receive notifications, create items, and more.

The integration will be available in early June and I’d love to hear your feedback on its functionality!




So excited about this! My team has been asking for this.

That is a fantastic news! Cant wait for it :smiley:

I’m glad to see that our organization is not the only one to request Teams be integrated with Monday. I’d like to be able to generate a teams meeting just as you can with Zoom from Monday. I would also like to send notifications to users in teams instead of just through email.



We just switched to Microsoft Teams and I’d love to start integrating with Monday. Any ETA on the integration?


I noticed we can only send updates to the “general” channel.
I made an channel for updates from monday, but they never get there.
When i change the channel to "general"they arrive immediately.
Is this a bug, or am i doing something wrong ?

Hi @Franco!

We’d love to take a closer look at this to see if the behavior is expected or counterintuitive. Would be able to send us an email to

In the email kindly include a video walking us through the steps you are taking and the behavior you are experiencing so we can provide the most effective assistance possible.

Hi @sschreiner!

We get the excitement! We’re excited too!

There are a lot of components that go into this integration and our devs are still working on finalizing a full release.

I’m interested in the MS Teams app, as well!! I run technical ops and app dev for a call center and we use to manage several aspects of our operations - staff, assets, portfolio, technical issues, project plans, even office supply orders. Our call center app is currently integrated with Skype for Business however we’re in the process of migrating to Teams. To help my staff ease into the transition, I’ve moved our shared files and schedule to Teams and created a new process for escalations through the tool, so we just about live in Teams. If a app becomes available, it would do absolute wonders for our efficiency and adherence. Thanks so much for everything you folks do ! Its made my little work corner of the world so much more enjoyable and its really pretty amazing to see your constant growth and progress. Its clear you really take user perspective into consideration which is so important and so appreciated - keep it up !! :raised_hands: :star:

Wow, so excited to see a native Monday app in Teams. Been waiting for this for a very log time.

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Hey all,

I’m happy to let you know that app for MS Teams is LIVE and available to be installed through the AppSource -

I’d love to hear your feedback about using this new integration as we’re planning to keep it improving it and adding more features! Please fill out this short feedback form once you have tried our new integration.

Additionally, we’re preparing a big public announcement for this launch next week and would like to feature your quotes about your experience using this integration in the press release and other marketing activities - if you’re interested in being featured, please mark this in the feedback form and/or reply to this thread :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!