Minor change to the “unsubscribe” behavior of the custom triggers

Hey community!

We wanted to let you know that two weeks ago, we made a minor change to the “unsubscribe” behavior of the custom triggers for the Integration/Workflow app feature.

Previously, the trigger’s unsubscribe endpoint was only called when the integration or board was deleted. However, we’ve now updated it to also unsubscribe for 3 days (subject to change in the future) after the automation was disabled.

The reason for this change is to streamline resources and unsubscribe stale automations that have been out of use for more than 3 days. Prior to this change, such automations could remain disabled but also subscribed to indefinitely, wasting resources on both ends.

This change will help both the apps infrastructure and app developers infrastructure save resources, and only trigger truly active automations moving forward.

We hope this change makes your app experience even better. :muscle:t2:
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. :cherry_blossom: