Mirror and linked items don't work with intergrations


I have a bit of a problem with using email integrations with mirrored/linked items.

We have a main board with multiple customers mixed together into months for all our open orders. These orders are then sorted into customers with a status, when the status is selected it creates a new item in another board that is then mirrored and linked to multiple other process statuses in the same item. This new board we export and send to the customer as a weekly update. I would like to change the weekly updates into live updates as the process statuses change.

I see that gmail integrations don’t quick up mirror/linked items. Is there a way I can get the gmail integration to detect the mirror/linked items?

Hi @LloydBurger!

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Mirrored/Linked Columns are still not recognized or supported as integration triggers. This is a popular request we have received from many users and our developers are analyzing the possibility of implementing this in the near future, but we have no timeline for this just yet.

There is no other way that you can get the integration to detect mirrored/linked items. But what are your thoughts about setting up this integration in the main board (the board that feeds data into the mirror).

Hi Erick,

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I would feel a bit more comfortable if the integration was set up off of the main board. I am a little careful setting up email integration in the main board due to having multiple customers on that board and each customers information is confidential.

I will just do their product updates manually until the mirror feature with integrations has been implemented by monday.com.