Mirror autonumber column (Using Autonumber to prioritize work)

We use the autonumber column for prioritisation across our whole business, but the details for each of the projects are split into separate boards for each region. We’d like to be able to mirror the Autonumber column into the regional boards to keep everything in line across the business.

Could you accomplish this with the mirror/link to pulse columns already available?

That’s what I was trying to do, but that column didn’t come up as an option in the list when you set up the links :frowning:

I’m trying to do the same thing. The Auto Number establishes the priority and then I want to reflect that priority in other boards. I am attempting to do this with a formula column to return the auto_number value but the auto number is not a supported column type in formulas either. Has anyone found a work around?

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This appears not to be supported. Can’t use autonumber in mirror or formula columns.

Please add this functionality Monday :slight_smile: … Similar to other use cases, I projects with priority, and I want to reflect that priority in a second board, tasks.

The Auto Number column can’t be used in any automations as it is a so called front-end column. Furthermore, if you re-order your items the Auto Number will not “stay” with your item. To overcome this and be able to use the columns in mirrors there is a solution available in the marketplace called AutoID Column. See: monday.com: Apps Marketplace

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I think this App will help you VLOOKUP Auto-link

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