Mirror column - column summary

A feature that I would really, really appreciate would be to allow mirror columns on a high level board, to show a column summary from another lower level board. The specific use I have for this is tracking expenses. On the low level board expenses are tracked as items. The numbers column allows for a column summary, but I cannot link to this in any way. I can’t even create a formula that counts items vertically that I can use in the mirror column. See below for an example from a low level board. The number I want displayed on the high level board’s mirror column is $15112.5

hi @Darby

The app Rollup Multiple Boards (monday.com: Apps Marketplace) can do that and much more. Not sure if you have multiple “down-level” boards you want to rollup to a higher level. If it is just one down-level board this app might be a bit of an overkill.

Thanks, this does look like an option, however pricing starts at 250 euro per board. I am requesting this feature becomes native to Monday.com without needing me to pay more money. I would consider upgrading to an enterprise plan on Monday.com if required though.

hi @Darby
I understand, but that on monday.com to decide. BTW: the price is a one-time fee per high-level board (unlimited templates and down-level boards)