Mirror Column - display the most recent update

Hey all,

Mirror columns have the ability to show min/max…

Is there a way for a mirror column to pull in the most recently created value?

Or has anyone figured out a formula to do it?

Hey @DannyP!

Would you be happy to elaborate a little further on what you mean by recently created value? The mostly recently created value in the connected board? Can I ask if the last updated column would fulfil this function?

Hey @BiancaT

Thanks for getting back to me!

TABLE B - Daily Cashflow
Date | Amount Overdue

TABLE A - Summary
Department | Linked Date (multiple selected) | Linked Amount

So for example, in TABLE A, I am trying to get the ‘Linked Amount’ to show the last created (the newest date), which is the current amount overdue.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for your reply @DannyP!

Let me know if I’ve understand correctly - essentially instead of the linked amount displaying as a total of the connected items/dates, you’d only like it to display the most recent date’s amount?

Hi @BiancaT,

No slightly different.

Say for example I have 2 tables.

Every day I input a value in this table.

This tables links to EXAMPLE 1 and connects to each new entry (via the link column).

In EXAMPLE 2 it has a mirror column that brings in all the numbers from EXAMPLE 1.

I only want the mirror column to display the number that is attached to the most recent linked date. In this example the mirror column should show 4%.

EXAMPLE 1 - Table

EXAMPLE 2 - Table

Thank you for these screenshots and further insight! I am afraid that as long as you have multiple items connected, the value in the mirror column will always be a product of all items. If you only want a specific (connected) item’s value to display, only that item can then be connected - does this make sense? I apologise for the setback here - your feedback has certainly been noted!

Thanks Bianca, appreciate the help

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