Mirror Column Hierarchy Level - Identification

I’m creating a rather complex network of connected boards and trying to keep within the limit of 3 level hierarchy of mirrored columns (for rollup visibility).

I’m considering a bunch of boards as peers / siblings of each other instead of child hierarchies but have hit the limit, though I’m not sure where.

Main question:
Is there a way to easily determine the hierarchy configured so I can find out which board and relationship has reached the limit?

Extra Info:
In the specific case I’m trying to roll-up information to a master board from 2 levels deeper breakdown of task planning.

The task boards (3rd level) do have connections out to related configuration boards though I expected they would be considered parents or siblings of the task board.

Any help in common methods of identifying where the breach is or work-arounds or Monday.com feature expansion given the new data management approach would be awesome.

The environment I’m in (like I expect a bunch of others) means the use of apps adds data security and cost themes.

If I could figure out where the breach is I could dial back the relationships and lobby for a 4th level of mirrored column allowance ;).