Mirror column not showing values in new board


I am facing a problem with my app. I have a board in which there is a mirror column for phone number and email. I understand that these are frontend columns and their values are not available on the backend. We have created recipe which sends the column ids to our backend. I was able to get the value using querying “board and column_values”. I retrieve the data from “text” attribute instead of “value” attribute which is None.

Now come to the problem it is working for all the boards except for one board. And i don’t understand why. I am posting the screenshots of the logs of the data that is receive from monday.com on our backend.

The although the data exist on the board as you can see from the image i am getting the text as empty string.

Now the image below represent log from another board which is working fine and i am able to receive the data.

Both boards are public and the mirror columns that are linked to another board is also public. I don’t understand this inconsistency.

Hello @Rohail_Najam!

Matias here.

This looks like a very specific issue. Could you please send us an email to appsupport@monday.com mentioning this post and explaining the issue, including the board IDs, user ID and the exact timestamp (with location) of the last time the issue was seen so we can take a closer look?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face: