Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group

I support this request - it’s one of the most important workflows that I’d like to accomplish. I’m trying to figure out a workaround but it’s like fitting a round peg into a square hole.

@Idolwild and others,

Although this is a somewhat older thread it might be interesting to look at this one Master board linked to multiple low-level boards - #3 by jakobrydberg

The Rollup Multiple Boards app let you create multiple “down level” boards where the connection is maintained in a database. In the high level board you can have recipes that does a rollup from all “down level” boards. So it basically rolls up an entire column in any number of “down level” boards to an item in the high level board.

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In essence, what I think I (and maybe many) are looking for here is the ability to create Child boards from a Parent board - maybe let’s call them sub-boards for consistency. This would look fundamentally similar to sub-tasks in a board entry, except that they’re collected in their own sub-board. They would differ from sub-tasks, which are exclusive to that entry. This is pretty similar to the relationship between Tasks, Stories and Epics in AGILE.

These sub-boards would be indented from the parent board, and both the boards and the individual entries would maintain cross-links, so when anything is updated, it flows to the other(s).


hi @Russ-Avalon

It looks a perfect fir for the Rollup Multiple Boards app where you indeed create sub-boards from a parent board. An item in the parent board represents a sub-boards (holding the details). The data from the sub-boards (compare it with the column summaries) is kept in sync with the parent board through defining recipes.

@Idolwild This where Monday need to implement a Project Column that completely links/mirrors tasks from one board to another like I have suggested as a function below, check it out and upvote it!



I would say the most straight forward use cases for us as a Web/Marketing Agency would be related to rolling up billable hours and other cost-related numbers. Example:

Top Level Board of “Client Website Projects”

  • Each Item (pulse) is a project
  • There are columns such as “Total Estimated Hours”, “Total Actual Hours”, “Total External Cost” that we need rolled up from Low-Level Boards.

Low-Level Boards - One per “Client Website Project”

  • Each Item is a Task for that project (ie. Design or Development related)
  • There are columns such as “Estimated Hours”, “Actual hours” (Time Clocking Col or Formula), “External Cost” (ie. 3rd Party Purchases)

The High-Level Board Rollup (aka. Aggregation) columns would show the total from their respective columns in the low level boards, and you should be able to choose specific “Groups” in those Low-Level Boards OR the whole Low-Level Board–This way you can exclude groups (ie. Pending Work) from the totals.

Let me know if that helps!

hi @zlanich

What you describe sounds very much like the design principles of Rollup Multiple Boards (see https://monday.com/marketplace/101). This app rolls up multiple boards in a high level board where each item represents a down-level board. The good thing: it writes to normal monday columns in the high-level boards, so you can calculate (formulas), automate and integrate with the aggregated data.

This is a good find. It would be nice though to just have basic rollup built into Monday core, especially since it’s already supported in dashboards more/less, and since that app seems to be between $300-$5,000, haha.

A one time charge of $300 per high-level board (not too bad I think :slight_smile:)

We just updated the status. While this is not going to be released in the near future, there are some great suggestions for other ways to accomplish your needs!

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This is a pretty simple request that people have raised in the community for a lot of years now but it simply hasn’t been addressed yet.
The ability to have the same item mirrored in different boards and being able to update it on one board and it gets updated on all boards.

My use case is simple, let’s say I’m managing products from a store, and I have different categories, one is “Smart Products” and the other is “Watches”. Then we have the Apple Watch, which is both a Smart Product and a Watch.
I want the Apple watch on both boards without duplicating it, being able to change the stock of it on one board and the other gets updated as well.

No, the connected boards don’t work because I’m not just looking to connect a single column, I’m looking to connect all the columns.

Thank you.


Hi @Julietteb, Please can you confirm if there has been any further progress in adding this essential feature? I too have a need to be able to select an entire group within the mirror column. I have been asked to show our YTD orders compared with previous years and the only way to do this currently is manually select each order one by one! This would be so much easier if I could just select the entire group (in my case the groups are Jan, Feb, etc.)

Our subscription is due for renewal soon and if this feature is not due to be added in the next month or two, then I think it would be easier to just use SharePoint.


“Imagine a high/low-level board scenario, where the high-level board has a pulse-per-project, and there is a low-level board per project.”

“it’s impossible and impractical to remember to go back into the high-level board and update the mirror column settings by selecting all of those new pulses, so the roll-up is accurate.”

We have this excact setup and we actually have an emplyee who is tasked with manually connecting every individual pulse from the low-level board to the high-level board each day. This basically costs us around 12 hours a month, which equates to 270 EUR a month and 3240 EUR a year in wages. So frustrating… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Hallo everybody,
Was wondering if someone can help set up a masterboard that is mirrored into othr board in different workspaces. So if we create items, move items into other groups, add information in the main board it does the same in the other boards.


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This would make my workflow much easier while i make master boards to get better overviews of data!!

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to share that our app, Spreadsheet Gorilla, supports these kinds of cross-board calculations. You can for example use the app to summarize the values of a low-level board and then store the result in a high-level board. Here is a short video explaining how it works:

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

– Simon from Gorilla Apps

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Somebody made this request years ago and it says “under consideration” but it’s 3 years old. I would like to be able to Mirror one or a few groups from one board to another.


I have a few seats on Monday Sales CRM. I manage contracts for event rental there. I only want the “contract sent” and “ratified groups” to be seen by my staff under Monday Work Management. Currently I have to set up an automation and then go and mirror multiple columns. It should be able to go in like a widget in a dashboard or how you link a board in a DOC.

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I have a board that is a “master copy” for all our Purchase Orders. I’d like to be able to mirror a certain group to my clients board or at least link the columns.

Hi community!

Just an update here. This mirroring feature is now on our long term roadmap. This means that our development team is starting to work on creating this feature, but we do not yet know when it will be ready.

I will make sure to update it as soon as there is more information about its development process.

Keep sharing and voting your favorite features. Really helps our team as they continue to build our future roadmap.


Hi! Just wanted to pass along an update from our product team. After looking into this feature some more, our boards team decided to take a more robust approach on creating a group of features to allow for more mirror capabilities, which is why it will take a few more months to develop. Once this feature is developed it will also be available in API.

Make sure to be the first to know about when this feature is being released by turning on your notifications for this thread.

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