Mirror Column Subitems DocuGen

i’ve got a mirror column for subitems on a board, which i would like to use in a DocuGen document. Everything works fine, but the mirror column doesn’t get displayed in my document. There’s only an empty space…
I’ve tried to fix it by using a formula column, which “copies” the mirror column. But this also doesn’t work.


Hello there @Fabian.R,

This is a third-party app developed by the great Docugen team.

I believe @samicaracand might be able to assist here.

Or you could contact them here.


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Hey @Fabian.R - thank you for posting this question on the community forum!
You are right: currently DocuGen has a few limitations related to mirror columns. My colleague @Neda might be able to offer a workaround.
Neda - maybe a short Zoom call with Fabian would help find a solution for this?

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