Mirror Columns Visible to All

A feature our team desperately needs is the ability for mirror columns to be shown across boards with varying subscriptions. We have boards built for our management team and boards for the non management team. The management board houses senstive information such as budgets that we do not want non-management teams to see. Therefore the management boards are set to private, subscription only. We created mirror columns so general information like statuses could be updated among the boards. However because some employees are not subscribed to the management board, these columns don’t appear.

The mirrors should serve to help us around this issue. The subscription to the boards is based on sensitive information. That’s the whole point of having separate boards and trying to connect them.

I agree this feature needs to exist. We have some use cases ourselves that run into the same issue. This presents some problems if you want to have customers in a board as well. I think the main issue with this, is the mirror columns is rendered on the client side in the browser if I’m not mistaken.

A workaround for your use case may be this:
Subscribe those users to the management board, but restrict column view for only the “management” team on those sensitive columns. You can restrict views on the column level. I’m not sure though if this is an Enterprise only feature, as we are on the Enterprise level, so it might not be relevant to your situation.