Mirror Status Between Boards

Is there a way for me to link the Status Column in one board to a Status Column in another board?

Board 1 is a master list, and I’ve automated that when a status changes to a certain committee name, an item is created in that committee’s task board and the two items are linked. HOWEVER, I cannot figure out a way to link the status columns on the two boards to change simultaneously, so that if the committee changes it on their board, it’s reflected on Board 1. Help?

Hi @SaraZ

It looks like you are achieved to get the boards connected (great!). Do you also have a mirror column to mirror the status based on that connect board connection? If not, create a new column (mirror type) and point it to the connect_boards column. Hope this little Loom Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software helps you on your way.

It does help a bit, yes! However, the issue is that I don’t only have one board or item - it’s multiple boards and items, and it’s a template I’m hoping to automate. I made a video to show you what I’m working on. Thanks in advance!

ohh ok, think I get what you mean. Let’s start from the board that has all these connect_boards columns. When you connect a connect_board column to an “underlying board” manually you can connect to multiple boards from one column. I believe that is called multi connect boards. However you create those columns by a status change of the underlying board and I think the automation you use only make 1-to-1 relationships.

I don’t see an easy way out, but I guess you need to create the connect_boards column manually, connect the boards you want and use an automation to just create an item in the other board (without automatic connecting them) or have a look to the new recipe: