Mirroring Board Information

Hi everyone! I’m looking to mirror an entire board. Columns, updates, sub-items and all.

I have a client agreement board, used for all of the staff. It lists the client, projects (sub items), when they started work, and what type of agreement (hourly, monthly, etc.,) This is useful so we’re doing work that we’re paid for.

However, I would like an administrative board, one where I can include a copy of the agreement, and pricing.

To have to input this information twice is kind of a pain. So I would like to mirror the board, and the updates. I’m aware of how to mirror the columns currently, but I would also like to mirror the updates. Any feedback?

Hey @KCahill! While the connected boards column only allow us to mirror one part of an item at a time, it can be useful to click into the item card view and then be able to go directly into the items updates.

Please note you should have the setting ‘allow’ turned off so you can have a better user experience. See attached Screenshots.

Alternatively we have created custom API scenario where it has mirrored all item info in both boards.

Feel free to reply with any questions you might have!