Mirroring Multiple Items from the Same Board

I am trying to add multiple mirror columns to a project database board. I have 80 other boards (1 for each project) and I want to mirror data from each project into three separate mirror columns on the project database board.

For example:
Aspen Road board has 300 tasks. I want to mirror three of those tasks to my project database board. However, I want there to be three separate columns since these will be dates for thee different events. Am I able to do that without having three separate Connect Boards columns?

Hi @Beesbythesea !

If I am understanding correctly what you want to achieve, you would just need to connect your three tasks in the same connect column, which means you would need just one mirror column to see all three dates.

This would also work even if you connect more than one boards.

Hope this is what you are looking for!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com

That is helpful, although I’m not sure we’d be able to have PowerBI identify those individual dates if they’re all in the same column/cell.