MirrorValue, etc. not returned when crossing workspaces w/permissions

We have a customer who appears to have discovered a bug/limitation that is not documented.

App is installed and restricted to two workspaces, X and Y.

Board A is in Workspace X, and Board B is in Workspace Y.

When reading by API, a mirror column on board A with the following query the mirror column value is not returned at all! The app has access to both workspaces (confirmed). Switching the app to all workspaces, it works. It appears that if an app has workspace restrictions, cross-cutting workspaces fails for display_value even if the app has permissions to both workspaces. It isn’t just not returning the text, but the whole column_value is not returned (including column ID of the local mirror column).

 items (ids: "123123") {
  column_values(ids: "mirror1") {
   ... on MirrorValue {

Prior to 2023-10, the old “text” field of a mirror column returned the correct text regardless of permissions as long as the users token had access to the mirror column.

Is this new behavior something others have experienced and is it normal? (I am submitting this to the new technical form as well).

Hey @codyfrisch,

Let me check with the API team. Will update docs accordingly based on what they say!


Okay, last edit.

This is now appearing to be limited to this one account - which is an enterprise account. I haven’t access to other accounts to validate further what setting may be involved - if any setting or if its an intrinsic part of enterprise accounts having more advanced security.

Any update to this?
We also are using an enterprise account and have this issue. I have even tried it without crossing workspaces and it still does not work.

Hello there @Neitzke

Would you be able to please fill this form (https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=13855862562962) adding as much information as possible to it (such as account ID, board IDs, item IDs, timestamps, etc.) so that our team can take a look into it?

Looking forward to hearing from you via the form!