Mirrow column, but have the content appear automatically in the destination board


lets say I have a master board with 200 locations with their addresses and then create a new board for real estate matters which I want to link to the 200 locations. So I have one column in the master board which I would like to mirrow over to the real estate board. I can mirrow the column, but will look at a blank real estate board since I need to select the individual locations for every line one by one first. There has to be a way to automatically have the content of the column appear in the mirrowed column.

Are you aware of any add ons or work arrounds to accomplish that?


Hey Sven!

Would any of our match automations work for you here? Essentially the automation will allow you to automatically link items based on matching values across the boards:

If not, feel free to provide a screenshot if it helps so I can get a better idea of your setup :slight_smile: