Misinformation of GraphQl schema metadata


In order to create graphQL queries dynamically I use the __type schema query in order to retrieve all the fields of the given entity.

Some of the ‘metadata’ about the schema is not correct and fields are not describes as they should be.
For example, when I query on Item entity I get that Subscribers field’s kind is NON_NULL when it should be OBJECT

“name”: “subscribers”,
“description”: “The pulses’s subscribers.”,
“deprecationReason”: null,
“type”: {
“name”: null,
“description”: null,
“kind”: “NON_NULL

The process of building dynamically query becomes much harder because you can’t expect how the field should look like and which fields to ask.

Hey @avivtzo, thanks for mentioning this! Great catch :slight_smile: I’ll pass this along to our developers to look into.