Missing Argument with new Item_page_by_column_values

We are working through our transition to the 10-2023 API changes and have hit a dead end. Our previous use of the item_by_column_values uses the state = “active” argument to retrieve only active items for from a board. Is there any way to add this filter to a query utilizing the new item_page_by_column_values now that the state field is no longer an argument.

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hi @jefbuckeye

Welcome to the community! As far as I know the 2023 API always returns active items only.

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Hello there @jefbuckeye,

As @basdebruin said, at the moment version 2023-10 will only retrieve active items.

I have added your vote for the request for our 2023-10 version to retrieve all items (and not only the active ones).


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hi @Matias.Monday

If that request would make it to a new version that will introduce a breaking change. Hope that is realized and that (when this will ever happen) there is an argument to limit the result to active items only :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback @basdebruin ! Adding this note to the request.

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I’d argue, there should be an argument to retrieve all items, that is optional. If its not provided, then only active is returned.

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hi @codyfrisch

Agree. That why I was warning Matias the if this ever happens it will be a major break. In that case we nee an argument to force active items only.

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Retaining the state argument in v 2023-10 would address all of these issues and avoid the lack of the state argument being a breaking change.

Since current behavior is active only, that should be the default behavior without the argument specified. The argument should rather force all (or just deleted/archived). That would prevent any breaking change at all.

Hi @jefbuckeye

I wanted to update that @Matias.Monday brought this to our attention and that we are aware of the gap and are looking at possible solutions.

If it will not require any breaking change it will be added as a hottfix to 2023-10 with plenty of time left to migrate before the Jan 15th deadline.

Will update here soon.
Happy Programming

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