Missing fragment condition

I am using the following query:

{‘query’: ‘{items (ids: [##########]) {column_values {… on CreationLogValue {created_at}}}}’}

The goal being to find the creation date of an item in monday.com per the instructions in Creation log
I am getting only empty results for each column, instead of a column showing the creation time.

tl;dr: I’m using the method suggested by monday.com to get the creation date, and no column is showing info, is there an issue with my queries, or if there is an alternative method, please let me know.

The fragment only works on a Creation Log column, that you have to add to your board.

Here is some example query to get creation data without a Creation Log column being added to the board - this works regardless of the existence of a Creation Log column.

  items (ids: ["23213123"]) {
    created_at //timestamp the item was created
    creator_id //userId of who created the item
    creator { //the creator as a User, so you can get anything about the creator user like name, email, timezone, etc.
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