Missing trigger 'status changes to something' in developer portal

Hello there,

I’m developing an application for the company where I work.
I built some actions and I wanted to make recipes with them, together with the built-in ‘status changes to something’ trigger.
However, this trigger isn’t visible anymore.
The only trigger for a changing status is just ‘status changes’, but I also need the ‘to something’ part.
Actually I also don’t want to make a custom trigger for it.
Could this be solved very soon?

Thanks in advance


hi @ben221199

There are several posts on those one. The latest I got from yesterday is that they will re-introduce this asap. Don’t know their definition in asap :slight_smile:

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Also, why the comma’s disappeared?

Now it is like this:

But in the past it was like this:

Hope somebody from monday can answer that one :slight_smile:.
Also, the recipe sentence does not make much sense to me: “When status transfer”…when status what? changes, clicked, removed?

I like the new builders interface but there are lots of glitches and it like like nobody from monday is taking notice of these :frowning:

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