Mixing formulas and manual entry

Hi all,

I’ve inherited a Mondays board where income tickets are often added after the quarter they apply to, so a ticket for earnings in Q2 will be entered during Q3.

The previous board owner created a Period Created column, which automatically creates a non-changeable date, and a Period Filter column, which uses a formula to concatenate the Period Created column into a label for filtering: 2021Q1, 2021Q2, etc.

The problem I face is that when something that applies to a previous period I’m stuck with the label for the period that ticket was created in. If I try to edit just that item in the Period Filter column it changes the formula for all tickets, which spells disaster for all the previously entered tickets.

Is there a way to somehow mix formulas and manually entries in the same column?



No, there is no direct way to mix formulas and entered values in the same column.

However, by creating an “override” column, you could accomplish the same idea. Something like this:

IF({Period Override}="",YEAR(Today())&{Period Created},YEAR(Today())&{Period Override})

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That’s an excellent suggestion, Jim - thanks!

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