Mixing React, jQuery, and vanilla Javascript

I have one very general, slightly nebulous question, which is basically: does anybody have any tips on building apps (board views, dashboard widgets, etc.) using more than just React, and specifically integrating code written in jQuery or plain javascript into the default React infrastructure?

I’m fairly new to web development in general, and don’t have much experience in using these tools in isolation, let alone trying to combine them! :grimacing: There seem to be plenty of pitfalls, both in the coding, and in the use of the build tools.

My other question is related, but more specific. Combining React and plain javascript, the only way I have so far been able to get the sdk working in both is to load it twice. That is, in addition to the automatically generated (by following the quickstart example procedure) import and monday = mondaySdk() code in App.js, I’ve added two script blocks -
src=…/main.js and mond= mondaySdk() to index.html, so that I can access the api via the mond object in my non-react js files.

This seems to be working fine, but I was wondering if there could be any problems doing it this way, and if there is a better alternative.

Please excuse the newbie nature of my questions!

Hey again @CMcConnell :wave:

That’s a great question! While I do not have any examples to share at this point that would combine ReactJS, JQuery and Vanilla JS, perhaps other community members would be able to share their insight on the process here :slight_smile:

From my end, have you been able to review the ReactJS documentation on this, and the suggestions they provide?

Let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks @AlexSavchuk,

I have indeed been reading that page. In fact, you wouldn’t believe the number of browser tabs I currently have open; lots and lots of search results to wade through. :grinning:

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I definitely feel you there, when you’re just starting out with learning something new, the amount of research and reading up can be quite daunting. I hope you will find the resources that are the most relevant :slight_smile:


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