Mobile App Issues

Does anyone have issues with the mobile app just spinning? We have boards that have 20+ columns and anywhere from 1,000-5,000 board items. It seems to be a a struggle for users to navigate and get things to load. Is there a maximum for columns and items with mobile use?

Hey @mw01,

Does this behavior only occur when accessing the platform through your mobile? No issues with performance using the desktop app and/or web-browser? If this is the case, is the mobile app up-to-date? And is this occurring for multiple boards in your account, or one in particular?

Thanks for your help on this!



Thanks for your response. Mobile only. Apps are up-to-date. Occurs on multiple boards. Only ones it works well on is when we have limited columns and items.

Thanks for sharing this information!

To minimize the likelihood of performance issues, we do recommend a board stays under 10,000 items and 40 columns, however given this behavior is specific to your mobile app, this indeed sounds a little strange. In order for us to best assist here, we do advise you reach out to our support team via, so they can take a closer look, and escalate this matter to our dedicated mobile tech team, in-case this is indeed a bug :confused:

Thank you in advance for your understanding!



Yes, thank you. We were able to use the app for a month or two before we started getting more individuals on it. Now that we have all these items and columns it doesn’t even load. Just spins.

We have had the same issue for some time now. The only boards that load on the mobile app are those with very few data points. We have quite a few boards that require 2000 or so items with over 100 columns, and these have never loaded in the mobile app. I’ve never found a way to get past this, and our team has since just abandoned the mobile app for this reason. It’s unfortunate, as it would have been great for our field service team to have access to this information on the go, but it doesn’t look like there is a feasible solution to the problem at this time sadly.

  • Jon


Appreciate your comment. We are in the same exact spot and wrote off the mobile app as well. I was thinking we cannot be the only ones with this issue. It has to be across the entire app for individuals/orgs that are using Monday in a larger capacity more than just a few hundred entries.

I heard a rumor that they are working on implementing pagination. I wasn’t given a timeline, but hopefully this is true, as I think it would solve a lot of performance issues. This should, in theory anyway, make the mobile app usable.