Mobile App limits

Do we know what the limits are for the app to work on Android phones? Is there too many columns or too many items that the app can’t handle? We are seeing issues on a few boards.

Hey @mw01!

We tend to recommend the following guidelines to avoid platform issues across all devices:

  • 10k items per board (20k on Ent)
  • 500 subitems
  • Strongly encouraged to stay under 50 columns per board
  • 200 linked boards per board total.

That said, can you expand on some of the issues you’re experiencing? We might need our technical team to investigate if these issues continue :pray:

This is on the mobile app.
We have two boards that have 6,000 items and around 30-35 columns.
On Android it cannot support this in the app. It just spins and when you try to do something it eventually crashes. Has been like this for a few years for us. Apple is a bit better but still slow.

Hm, if your app is of the latest version, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via so our dedicated mobile team can investigate - as from my understanding the app should still work expectedly!