Modifying Text Value of Column GraphQL


I’ve been able to modify a query to create a record and put in all the values. The issue is the filter has the text not showing. Is there a way to modify the Text of the column? This is an integration field with Pipedrive.

            "id": "pipedrive_deal",
            "title": "Pipedrive Deal",
            "value": "\"1\"",
            "text": ""

My query to create the record:
#mutation{create_item(board_id:####, item_name:“Test”, column_values:"{“text00”:“Test Name”, “text1”:“IN”, “pipedrive_deal”:“1”, “text7”:“test”, “pipeline”:“Clients”, “numbers”:“1”, “hours7”:“Full-Time”, “text3”:“Practice”, “text60”:“null”, “text0”:“Undocumented”, “Date4”:“2017-09-03”, “text9”:“2017-09-03”}") {id}}

Looks like the integration field was the issue. I had to delete the column and add a new link column. Here is that section of the query in column_values:

“link”:{“url” : “”, “text”:“1”},

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