Monday.api() with apiVersion 2023-10 gives permission error in board view

I’m trying to develop a new board view and want to use the 2023-10 graphQL schema.

When setting that version of the API (with the 0.4.X monday-sdk-js package), I am getting the following error in the console: There was an error in response from graphql API: [{"message":"Permission Denied! Your token doesn't grant access to boards:read"}]

If I update my query to work with the old schema, then the query executes fine.

Is there a way to get this working at the moment?

I’ve resolved this issue. Correcting the apps permissions resolved the issue.

I’ve not gotten to the bottom of what happened exactly, but my permissions were not set up correctly - I am pretty sure I had tested api calls, but I must’ve done something stupid.

Hello @benhowes and welcome to the community!

Sorry we did not see your message before you found the source of the issue!

I am glad you did :grin:

“Obvious mistakes” are the worst. I have spent so much time looking for issues that ended up being a comma, or a missing parenthesis :upside_down_face: and when you find it is a mix of emotions between “how on earth did I miss thiiiis???” and the relief of knowing why it was failing :laughing:

Let us know if you need anything else!


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