Monday API wrong displayed time

I use Monday API to create items on the board. Here is an example:
mutation { create_item (board_id: 1794893900, item_name: "WLCM - Test - ON-SITE - Test class - Yoga - Oct 25 03:10 (1H)", column_values: "{\"onsite_or_virtual\":\"ON-SITE\",\"date7\":{\"date\":\"2022-10-25\",\"time\":\"03:00:00\"},\"date_1\":{\"date\":\"2022-10-25\",\"time\":\"03:10:00\"}}") { id } }
It is crucial, that the time was saved exactly how it was passed.
But when I check the board the time shows incorrectly Oct 25, 06:00 AM.

You will have to convert the time to UTC first. Was also confused as to why they chose not to paste exactly what the user sent since if there is any need for conversion, the user would have done that already. Anyway, it is what it is
Here is the documentation

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Thank you for your response. I was able to fix this locally, where my timezone is EEST +0300. I convert a date to UTC and it works properly. But, when I make an API call from the server, where timezone is UTC +0000, it gives me wrong time again

If the server is UTC, then using the local server date without any modification, should result in the correct display time in the UI (since the server is UTC as well)