Monday app compile with warnings

Please I’m having issues creating a monday app successfully. I was able to compile it but was saying compiled with warnings. Any help on this will be appreciated. Many thanks

Hi @Ernestium,

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Can you please share the warnings that you are receiving?

I am assuming that you are creating a view or a widget, are your uploading the build folder to monday? Or are you loading it from a URL?

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Yes I am trying to create a view and loading it from a URL

I downloaded the example code from github and followed one of the videos in trying to set it up but I’m getting the info in the command line interface that it compiled with warnings

Also when I try viewing the ngrok link, it shows something like a page that didn’t load correctly

Please find attached a screenshot of the warning I was referring to and the broken page load as well

Would appreciate your help on this soonest. Many thanks

Hey @Ernestium ,

as you can see in your terminal, you have several unused variables and logical operators, which are initialized wrong.
Additionaly you should look into your JSX, where you got an error aswell.

Your compiler detects them and sends out a warning.

It is advice to correct them, so those vurnabilities won’t cause any trouble in the future.


I’m sorry but that was the example code I downloaded from GitHub and I haven’t altered anything yet. So I expected it to be working just fine.

Which example code did you download, could you share a link?

Hi @Ernestium

Do you receive any errors on the page load? It looks like it is working alright?

As @TMNXT-Dev mentioned, the compiler provides you with those warnings to allow you to write better code. I think this is the example app here ->

In the example app, it looks like they have configured some view settings which I don’t see on your view. This may be causing the view to throw some errors as it is expecting an input option which is isn’t receiving.