Monday App Setting

Would love to know if there is a way to organize user settings further within a board view. The app that I am building is rather large and has been able to integrate a large amount of user input. In dashboard widgets there seems to be away to have drop downs of settings when you are creating the widget. Is there something along these lines available for board view app settings?

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Hey there @jackjack2202 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to the community, that’s a great question!

As far as I understand, you could add a similar dropdown menu with different sections for your settings in the Board View as well and this would be up to you to create using code in your application. Does that make sense?

I do not have a code example I could share here, but perhaps some of our community members do and they wouldn’t mind helping out :slight_smile:



This makes perfect sense and it was the direction I was thinking I was going to have to go. For simplicity reasons however it maybe beneficial for to allow for developers to have customization behind that settings button so it becomes a universal place for users to interact with views.