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Hi guys,

My company is considering using the Monday platform as a CRM for our business. Our company is an investment banking company, dealing with buyers and sellers of e-commerce businesses. Some processes in Monday’s real estate crm template are similar to our processes. For example, our “properties” are businesses of our clients that they want to sell, and some of our contacts are buyers that are interested in purchasing such businesses based on their own criteria such as minimum and maximum purchase price, product categories, type of business (Shopify website, eBay store, Amazon store), etc…

We need various customizations and automation, and we know that we can get them through a customized Salesforce CRM. However, if we can get our main goals accomplished through the Monday CRM, we will prefer to build the CRM on Monday and integrate it with everything else that we in the platform already when it comes to our teamwork.

Here are the two main questions I have that will help me to understand better if Monday can be the right choice for us:

  1. Let’s say that a “buyer” contact found in the contacts list is looking to purchase a business that meets these criteria:

Purchase price that is higher than $1m
Purchase price that is less than $5m
Business that selles in the US market
The Business type is an Amazon store.

Let’s also assumes that I store such data in multiple columns for each of the “seller” contacts (the properties). For example, I have a column for purchase price, for business type, and for country in each of the “seller” contacts (the properties).

Is there an option to create an automated match that will add all the relevant “properties” under this specific “buyer” contact and add this specific “buyer” contact under all the relevant properties?

  1. Let’s say that we have 30 potential buyers that may be relevant to a specific property based on the buyers’ criteria. Some of these potential buyers are companies that have a few contact people in the CRM, and some others are only individual buyers. Is there a way to send an email to all the potential buyers this way:

A. Companies with more than one contact – The email will be sent to the main contact, and the other contacts will be added in the cc field.

B. For individual buyer contacts – each contact will receive the email without knowing about the other contacts that received the email.

C. Personalization options will be available so that each contact will get an email that looks personalized for him.

The goal here is to send the emails directly from Monday to all the potential buyers that were found with/without using another service.

We are currently working with outlook 365 as our email provider.

Hi @omz - welcome to the community. You have certainly come to the right place as there are numerous incredible Monday experts here to assist you.

As it relates to using Monday as a CRM - this is absolutely doable and much of the criteria you have mentioned can be completed within the Monday walls. Without having all the specifics, I’ll comment on your individual criteria below:

  1. Automate match based on buyer criteria. This can be accomplished with outside integration tools such as Integromat, creating subitems automatically for items that match the criteria you set out (as an option). Pricing for Integromat is very reasonable…

  2. Automated Email templates This can likely be accomplished through native Monday, and it does integrate quite nicely with O365. You can send the emails through Monday and even monitor the responses into the Item activity, or create subitems, etc based on their responses. If you are looking for more indepth Email integrations we can again utilize Integromat.

We have built/helped to build a number of custom CRM solutions in the past for clients, so if this is something you would like to discuss more please feel free to reach out to me here via DM or at We like to start with a complementary hour session to dig a bit deeper into your requirements and ensure that were going to be a great match for each other.

Also, if you have a moment we have plenty of information available on our site:

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