API with subitems

Hi All,
I want to pull all items and subitems into a GoogleSheet.
Here’s my logic:

  • I pull the board based on his id and push it’s values to a sheet in my Google Sheet
  • I run through the values of the subitems, extracting their ids.
  • I’m pulling all the items data based on the id
  • I’ll push the data into another sheet (tab) in my Google Sheet with a column that holds the id of the parent (or another identifier).

My problem is that when I’m querying for the id, I can’t get the name of the columns, which makes it complex to get a list of all the returned columns. I fill it is too much of a overhead.

As subitems are just boards on the backend, is there a way for me to get the board id and query it? it will make my life super easy.


Hi @asafnevo!

Yes absolutely-- you can definitely find this subitem board Id.

I would suggest using multiple queries to find this information:

  1. First, query all of the column values of your items on your board
  2. Second, take that subitem Id to query the subitem board Id

Let me know if this helps!